Mondax Comércio Internacional


We are specialists in foreign trade and business generation.

Direct distribution channels integrated with the entire supply chain.


  • Trading
  • Import
  • Export
  • Distribution

We work to make win-win transactions happen.

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Location: Santa Catarina - Brasil

Direct distribution channels integrated with the entire supply chain, from contacting the manufacturer or factory, at the origin, to its final destination.

  • Extenso foreign tradeknowledge
  • Dynamic and integrated service
  • Tax Incentives
  • High quality Services
  • Legal certainty and Reability
  • Qualified professionals in the fields of operations, finance and tax.
  • Security in import and export operations, whether by air, sea or road.
  • Extensive experience in land imports via Mercosur and other South American countries.
  • We apply strategies to optimize the profitability of these operations.
  • We develop specific solutions for each business to maximize profits.
  • We respect the culture and the unique aspects of our customers.

Much of the success in importing depends on finding the right goods from the right supplier.

  • We detect and inform clients about the most suitable international suppliers
  • Wide network of suppliers, located in the most competitive and efficient markets
  • The best possible combinations of quality, price and competence
  • We constantly monitor international markets
  • Strategic partners around the world and our own trading company in China
  • We visit international trade fairs and suppliers, researching and detecting offers, news and opportunities


To deliver foreign trade and logistics solutions with excellence and quality, based on strict compliance with ethical principles:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Responsability
  • Transparency

...and in full accordance with the legislation in force in the countries where it operates.