Mondax Comércio Internacional


We have a solution for each kind of need.

We work to make win-win transactions happen and to generate as much business with social and financial development as possible.

Importação por encomenda ou conta e ordem* *Specific terms for foreign trade in Brazil.

From the first contact to the delivery of the product, we are prepared to take on all the stages of the process – or just those which your business needs.

Operations can be made by Third Party Orders or by Direct Orders, as provided for in the Brazilian tax authority act IN RFB 1861.


Negotiations to reduce costs, cash flow optimization, thorough document checking. All so that the client can keep the focus on his own business. We take care of all issues related to foreign trade.

  • Planning, structuring and coordination of operations
  • Know-how for importing and related processes
  • Management of outsourced services
  • Planning of special customs regimes and operations
  • Operating system developed to meet the needs of each client
  • Personalized service according to customer and industry
  • Evaluation and tax planning of the entire supply chain
  • Monitoring of the Brazilian legislation in force at the Federal, State and Municipal levels
  • Studying the current legislation of several exporting countries
  • Monitoring of trade negotiations (FTAA, Mercosur, NAFTA)
  • Planning and Management of orders to suppliers
  • Distribution and reverse logistics
  • Solutions for Supply Chain Integration
  • Strategic partnerships at local and global levels
  • Economies of scale


Steps for the development and implementation of a successful Foreign Trade operation.

Passo a passo


  • Development of international suppliers
  • Radar habilitation (a Brazilian tax authority system for foreign trade companies)
  • Negotiation of Incoterms
  • Tax and Inspection Consulting
  • Tax classification of goods
  • Pricing
  • International logistics and customs clearance
  • Temporary admission of goods
  • Customs warehouse
  • Drawback
  • Ex-tariff
  • Permits and certifications from international organizations